Juliet, Naked ★★★★

I’ll clarify this by saying I had low expectations going into this (not like low low expectations, but lower than any Ethan Hawke film should have): I pleasantly enjoyed this. Charming, to say the least, and while not quite realistic, it rung with a different tune than a lot of post-era/washed-out-musician movies. It seemed to move past the romanticized ideals or fabricated philosophies people have of them (as presented by Duncan) and humanize their struggles from being...well, idiots. And I think at the core, you can take away the message of always being able to change your situation. You can always improve from where you’re at, no matter your previous highs or lows. There’s your pick-me-up for the day. 

P.S. Ethan Hawke actually sang those songs. Can we just admire that for a sec?