Stranger Than Fiction ★★★★

Will Ferrell not as Will Ferrell. There’s always something special about these types of movies: where the actor takes on a different role than the audience is used to (see also Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Foxcatcher). It not only shows what they’re capable of as actors, but also opens you up more to what they are participating in. It makes it notable and memorable, and that alone is pretty cool. 

Stranger Than Fiction is founded on such a simple premise. It balances the line between the real and surreal, gently placing you in the middle and making you a nice cup of tea before tucking you into bed. Potential holes, yes, but you’re not concerned about those. At least not as much as you are with the ideas of living your life like every day is your last (tired) and being the kind of person others want to keep alive (wired). Plug in a few rushed relationships, a few unnecessary ones, and some great acting, and you have yourself a fine formula. 

More of this, please and thank you.