Yesterday ★★½

I’m not sure what’s more incredulous: the whole world forgetting The Beatles or one man who hasn’t shown the audience any interest in The Beatles until everyone else magically forgets them suddenly remembering every lyric to every Beatles song?

I’ll be straight up — I was entertained. I’m a huge fan of the Fab Four and can appreciate listening to some of their songs on the big screen (even with those awful modern renditions). The acting was...par. The relationships, subpar. The “message” was a triple bogey. Nothing Yesterday tried to own was properly earned. It never established a single ounce of credibility or provided a glimpse at closure. Things simply were. 

It did ignite a curiosity in me to explore what made The Beatles so groundshattering and what makes musicians nowadays not as impactful. Or at least historical. Would their songs, if fresh today, resonate with us at the same magnitude? Would fangirls find a stronger origin? Would pop music make another shift? While seemingly unlikely, I’ve thought about it a lot. Props to this movie for that, even though I don’t think that’s what it was trying to accomplish. 

But again, I didn’t mind watching Yesterday once. I will not, however, be watching it tomorrow.