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  • Waterhole #3

    Waterhole #3


    More than a handful of muffled cries of "problematic(!)" buried between the lines of chitchat amongst theater patrons exiting the New Beverly matinee today didn't seem to stop me from guiltily deriving pleasure from what must have stuck out even in '67 as having a strangely comedic take on the violent carnal situations favored by our lead, James Coburn. His predilection for, as he puts it, "assaults with a friendly weapon" are of much amusement to even the town Sheriff,…

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    Overlong whitetrash Rashomon belches out tired cliche observations on the failed American dream via suspect filmcraft. Horrendously realized facial composting and crummy faux lens flares destroy the copious skating demonstration sequences beyond repair. Cutely condescending countrified characterizations and rote soundtrack selections abound. Crumbum Final Cut VHS footage simulation filters get fucked.

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  • The American Astronaut

    The American Astronaut


    The best black and white comedy space western musical I've ever seen.

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    It's probably fortuitous that this releases right after Twin Peaks has Returned, so that hopefully a portion of the audience is primed for something slowly paced with gorgeous, haunting shots in an eerie forest setting. A modest scale/scope for this picture, and lack of initial context, helps keeps the focus on tense character moments and atmosphere building. There are a few extremely telegraphed jump scares that still manage to be effective due to sheer loudness, and several parallel character dynamics…