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  • Faces of Death IV

    Faces of Death IV


    We used to rent the Faces and Traces of Death movies on sleepovers as kids because video clerks were either the best or worst people depending on how you look at it, but I'm pretty sure our FoD experiences stopped at 3 - I don't remember ever seeing this one, and who could ever forget the intensely racist "Vietnamese stir-fry puppies" sequence towards the end of this.

    The creative/economic incorporation of fake footage alongside actual documentary gore footage is probably…

  • Red to Kill

    Red to Kill


    When I learned this was currently streaming for free on Amazon Prime, I felt like the utopian future promised to us by cloud computing was maybe perhaps finally being realized.

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  • The American Astronaut

    The American Astronaut


    The best black and white comedy space western musical I've ever seen.

  • Cloak & Dagger

    Cloak & Dagger


    Dabney Coleman is a goddamned pimp.