Hellgate ★★½

There are several promising, oddball ideas at work here (a laser-shooting crystal that re-animates the dead into zombies, an attractive naked female ghost wandering through an abandoned old west town, a crabby old man with metal patchwork on his face, bikers) but none of them come together into a cohesive plot. On top of that, the fun parts are separated by long stretches of not much happening - which can be okay if you have good character development portrayed by competent actors. But when you've got a severely mis-cast character actor (Ron Palillo, the dude who played Horshack - cast here as a young college student, despite him being and looking 41 years old) coupled with three of the worse actors to grace a New World Video horror film - you're going to have a bad time.

There's also a fair share of boneheaded attempts at humor. Here's an example: girl opens a refrigerator door to find a decapitated head smiling back at her from atop a pile of lettuce. It says, "I don't want my booooody..." - to which she rolls her eyes and then replies, "Pull yourself together!", before shutting the door. It's a laugh riot.