My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★★

This is another film where there is not much more to say about this generally universally loved film. I’m sure other people will tell you more eloquently how good this film is, but it is so fun in its simplicity as there is no real story to speak of as we watch these children play with wondrous aplomb. As they discover the spirits of the forest the titular Totoro and become enamoured by them. There is no sense of tension from the film it just carries itself on the wonder and beauty of its well-drawn characters, it’s beautiful animation, and sweet nature. The two little girls are so well written as they come across very realistic for an animation film in the way they talk and interact with things was simply amazing. I just have to discuss my favourite scene in the movie which is when the girls come across Totoro at the bus stop as they wait for their father it is wonderfully awkward and the picture of them standing their staring straight ahead is visual that just stayed with for some reason though one I would like to find out at some point is the significance of the frog in this scene as it only there for a few seconds at a time but is seen enough to make me think there is reason for it being there. But this is such a nice film that I think will have a great effect on both children and adults.

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