Silent Running ★★★★

The problem I have now watching this movie is I now have to stop procrastinating and actually watch 2001 A Space Odyssey . As these two films whenever i read about them seem to be entwined as they are both sci-fi films but exploring apposing ideas. I did really like this movie, and see it's influence in films even now. examples include Sunshine with it's similar garden, and the sudden breakdown of the crew, and Moon having an actor essentially on their own for much of the Picture.

The man on his own in this picture is Bruce Dern playing a character called Freeman Lowell. Who loves his work to care for these gardens in space, but cracks when a message from earth announces they must be destroyed. Lowell does crack, kills the rest of the crew and take the ship Valley Forge into deeper space. Bruce Dern is terrific in his role, much like Sam Rockwell in Moon the film hinges on him getting the performance right. He gives a very subtle performance and in his moments of sadness at what he has done your heart breaks along with his. Douglas Trumbull the Director, coming from a special effects background and coincidentally also worked on 2001. The effects as expected are top notch with outer shots of the ship very detailed, the Eden Project like Domes look great from the miniature outside shot as well inside the domes and seeing them from the inside. But the creation of Huey, Dewey and Louie are particular highlights as the droid robots. They are obviously short people in them but you get a sense of a different personality from each droid which is fantastic.

A kind of forgotten gem of a movie, with two fantastic songs in it's soundtrack. With the film ending with a quite tragic and depressing shot but has the wonderful song called Rejoice in the Sun by Joan Baez playing over it. This making me think about the film long after it had finished.