Manhunt ★★★★

This Survival Slasher film from Sweden is quite entertaining and can be brutal at times.It's dubbed with English subtitles but that doesn't take away because there isn't that much intelligent dialogue or anything that would be crucial if you missed it, such as a twist .
The plot is simple. A van full of 20 somethings get lost on an abandoned road in the woods and then are hunted by Swedish hillbillies for sport.
There are some cool traps and good kills .There is no real character development but that's ok because most of them aren't around long enough for the viewer to really care.It is suppose to take place in the 70's and has somewhat of a retro feel to it.

I like that the music played in the beginning was very reminiscent of "The Road Leads To Nowhere" as an homage to " Last House on The Left".It's an above average survival slasher and I think most slasher lovers would enjoy it.The effects were done really well and done old school without the use of CGI..