Creep 2 ★★★★

Patrick Brice is definitely a smart guy.

After watching Creep I thought that, even having an open ending, a sequel wasn't going to be made because everything you could extract from that idea was already in the first part. So I went to see Creep 2 in Sitges expecting to find basically an extension of the first movie... and yes, It kinda was what I found, but the rules of the game have changed this time.

On the first movie, you were constantly asking yourself what was gonna happen and if Mark Duplass's character actually was a murderer. On this sequel you know that Josef (now Aaron) actually is a serial killer, so this time is the videographer's character (and not the audience) who's constantly asking herself if he's a murderer or if he's joking.

Also, comedy is used in this sequel in a very intelligent and natural way so, even though the film's structure is pretty much the same as the first part, it has a different tone which makes it fresh and funny.

One of the biggest surprises from these first 4 days of the festival.

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