Dunkirk ★★★★★

I don't think I've ever experienced something quite like Dunkirk and most certainly not in 70MM. Film has never felt this real and personal. I urge you to see this and on the biggest screen possible. It's one of the greatest cinematic experiences I've ever witnessed. It's visceral, haunting, and fully immersive. 

Dunkirk is truly Christopher Nolan at his finest. In all of his filmography Nolan has never felt this naked and venerable. You've never seen a blockbuster like it. Nolan strips himself and gets down to the basics to tell a horrific event of survival. There's so little use of dialogue that Dunkirk could be mistaken for a silent film if you didn't have the loud and beautiful score by Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer score is a work of genius. The constant ticking of a clock that is used as the theme makes every second feel like the last. 

Dunkirk may be based on a true event but Nolan optioned for a more non-narrative approach to tell its story. Its unlike anything I've ever experienced for a film at this level. It's war and we're living in it. I have never been so immersed, and utterly terrified. The cinematography is breathtaking with some images leaving me stunned in horror. I may not have known these men or even their names but I feel the horror they must've witnessed.  What makes Dunkirk so intense is you never once see the enemy. The Germans feel like this supernatural presence lingering around that could attack at any moment and you wouldn't know. It's absolutely visceral and brutal to endure. The movie left me shaking and an mess emotionally. 

Dunkirk is Nolan's finest film and true cinematic masterpiece. Dunkirk left me shattered in the best way possible. They don't make movies like this nor have they until now. It may honestly be one of my favorite films. I can't wait to see it again.

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