Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

This is what going to the movies is all about. 

The first time I saw THE LAST JEDI it was two days before it would be released to the public. In those two days I had plenty of time to fully reflect on MY personal opinion without having others weigh me down or attempt to persuade my thoughts. I was truly very excited and also terrified to see this installment released to the world. I can't imagine what Rian Johnson must have felt. Having to keep so many secrets and moments hidden felt so dangerous and all the more exciting. 

THE LAST JEDI is bold, exciting, gripping, and dangerous in ways I've never seen done in a Star Wars film. This will be the most divisive Star Wars film ever.  It's an installment you can't prepare for and for that I'm forever grateful. It's a challenging film in ways you don't normally see in blockbusters but it never forgets to be simply fun. The character journeys you take are simply extraordinary.  

I can't even begin to describe what Luke Skywalker means to me and his character arc is astonishing, daring, and unprecedented. I was a forever flow of tears. A true hero and one every young boy and adult should have. 

The passing of Carrie Fisher may  puts a cloud over this but may we not forget how much of a delight she is in this. Her teachings of hope, strength, and standing up for what's truly right is everything a young woman and adult needs. The lessons in this film are as timeless and important as they were back then. 

As for these new characters I can't believe I adore them as much as I do. The fact that Rey, Kylo, Finn, and Poe are this spirited and full of so much detail is a testament to the creators. They did the unthinkable. They made a slew of new characters to fall in love with that are just as much vital to the story as the original trio. THE LAST JEDI never felt like one of those "passing of the baton" films. It felt like an enriching a universe. 

The action sequences dazzle and dare I say there is a lightsaber battle that may be my favorite ever. I can't even begin to express the joy and excitement I felt watching this one sequence with a crowd. There are countless times in this film where the crowd literally lost their freaking minds. From clapping, cheering, crying, screaming, and one man literally standing up it was all an enormous amount to take it. It's truly amazing to see so many people universally on the same page. Even if you aren't the biggest Star Wars fan I ask never lose the love of your beloved franchise.

I stand by my first thoughts in that the Finn storyline is weak. His quest that he goes on doesn't carry the weight or excitement. I still feel there is very much more to learn about his character. I could have done without the casino sequence. It really bogged the film down in terms of pacing. 

Star Wars is so insanely beloved that not everyone will fall for this installment like I did. Some fans will feel love and others betrayal. You simply can't please them all. This is fine. It's a matter of how we chose to carry on the discussion with others that matter. I ask that we be open to hearing every view. It may not aline to yours but fiery opinions showcase one of the many rich qualities of going to the movies can have. 

Dare I say, with time this may very well be the best Star Wars film since EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

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