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  • Mayhem



    A delightful cathartic release for corporate drones and under appreciated folks at work. With a slim run time of 87 minutes (which is effective), Joe Lynch gives us a thrill ride of violence and heart. If you’re a fan of mildly claustrophobic slash fests like Rec, I highly recommend this one! Plus Samara Weaving and Steven Yeun make a great team up!

  • Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

    Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers


    All Angela wanted was to sing some kumbaya and have a wholesome camp experience but the fornicating drug addled kids ruined it all. With great cheesy humor, delicious gore, and some shoutouts to other horror franchises, Sleepaway Camp 2 is a treat!

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  • Dead Don't Die in Dallas

    Dead Don't Die in Dallas


    A new miracle drug that can cure AIDs has been released with zombifying side effects. This was cheesy fun, mainly because of Willam Belli's quirky performance and the fact that the film is aware of it's B movie/low budget quality and parades it through the town. This is a rather ridiculous retelling of that old story of the right wing Christian community warring with the queer community while both being attacked by the newly created zombie community.

  • Clownado



    Its major flaws are the weak plot and laughable blood spurt effects but it provides cheesy clown carnage trash that I had fun with. If you’re in the mood for a mindless blood fest to pass the time with, Clownado is a decent option. Also there’s a clown chick with crazy fangs on her boobs that reminded me of Evil Bong.

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  • The Perfection

    The Perfection


    I knew nothing about this movie going in and it was bat shit ride of insanity that I highly recommend. Allison Williams and Logan Browning are bloody brilliant in their performances. I need Allison Williams in more psychological horror films stat - she can bring a level of charming chaos that sets my spooky gay heart on fire. The 90 minutes actually flies on by and doesn't overstay its welcome, which hasn't been an easy feat for the genre lately.…

  • Come to Daddy

    Come to Daddy


    Any movie that starts with both a William Shakespeare and Beyonce quote already has my attention. I really appreciated this film, I thought it was going one direction then veered in another. Elijah Wood gives a great performance as a son visiting his estranged father after receiving a letter from him years later. It was great fun!