Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

Watched on the Blu-Ray set that included the flimsy red and blue 3D glasses and had a blast! The 3D effects are all cheesy but in the best way from snakes jumping at you to stabbity stab weapons and even a popping eye ball - it's fun for all ages. This is the film I think of the most when someone mentions Friday the 13th. It has the introduction of the hockey mask, a harbinger of doom holding the eye of a victim and warning our group of sex addled, drug addicted kids to not go to the camp, and it has a biker gang biting the dust. Even though the characters are all just stereotypes, they all have some heart to them (I assume if Jason stabs you in the chest, you can't quite have a full heart).

Also, think about how different this movie would've been if her dad had actually bought a horse instead of endless bales of hay. Now think about if that horse had been Mister Ed the talking horse. Did I just lose everybody?

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