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  • It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night


    Film #29 of 31 for Scavenger Hunt #31.

    Task #15: A film where two characters from opposite backgrounds fall in love.

    The opposite backgrounds are those of characters from a rich background (female lead) and the working class background (male lead). This is a gorgeous and stylish film with compelling performances and shot with mixes of medium, wide shots and tracking movement. This is a romantic comedy illustrating societies behaviour and views of relationships in the 30s era of America.…

  • Live and Let Die

    Live and Let Die


    Film #28 of 31 for Scavenger Hunt #31.

    Task #26: A film featuring a scene at the United Nations, or a film starring an actor who has given a speech there.

    I liked it, the dame is beautiful, the theme song is catchy and the action was fun and entertaining.

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  • The Confession

    The Confession


    Film #9 of 31 for Scavenger Hunt #31

    Task #4: A film about or featuring a real life political moment that shook the world.

    This film is about Anton Ludvik who was a vice-minister of foreign affairs for the Czech government who was captured, tortured and blackmailed to confessing crimes that he didn't commit by the communist power because of informers and foreign hysteria.

    The film is a drama with a bit of tension and suspense mixed in with the…

  • BloodRayne


    Film #27 of 31 for Scavenger Hunt #31.

    Task #6: A film based on a video game.

    Oh boy... oh boy... wowwee!

    I...Is that a bloodstache?

    What an unintentional comedy. Those special effects were woeful, holy crap! that line delivery and acting, so bad and dry I chuckled when the main character was having a showdown with the villain and her horrible acting negated the seriousness of her lines about rape. I can't believe Michelle Rodriguez, Sir Ben Kingsley and Michael Madsen are in this. That ending made me spit out my water for how jarring and awful the editing in that scene was.