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  • The Chambermaid

    The Chambermaid

    Back in 2013 when I moved back to the UK from abroad, I had to start from scratch with no career prospects.
    My wife landed a good salary job and was able to cover rent and bills for the time being, but there was still pressure to get that second income in, so I was trying to not be picky and just take on anything temporarily.
    (Except for call centres. Or sales. Or insurance advisers. I promised myself I'd never…

  • Hotel Artemis

    Hotel Artemis


    Not enough Charlie Day for Charlie fans and Goldblum is barely in it.
    Actually no one really gets to shine, except for maybe Sofia Boutella as an asskicking assassin, but that wasn't enough to keep me from drifting in and out of dreamy sequences during its running time; not because the movie was weird or trippy or anything.
    In fact, it was quite conventional in narrative structure, leaving me mildly surprised at how underwhelming it was, especially when it could have taken…

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  • The Motive

    The Motive


    I love these types of concepts in movies. So insidious, but fun to watch.
    Our main guy is an aspiring writer, frustrated that he's unable to write 'high literature' and anything meaningful, presumably from the heart.
    There was a particular scene where his writing class tutor gave him a right tongue lashing, a full-on outburst of a bollocking in front of the whole class, after he'd read out loud his latest piece of uninspired drivel. Very humiliating.
    And to top…

  • Parasite



    I was happily content watching the latest Netflix actioner one evening when my wife came back into the living room after putting our little man to sleep.
    I was surprised, because it usually takes longer for him to shut down for the day, and whoever gets to put him down inevitably goes down with him, making it night-over-for-two; but here she was, back and up for some movie time. And that meant I had to find a movie for the…

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  • All About Nina

    All About Nina


    Mary Elizabeth Winstead proves to be a real talent in whatever I see her in, and All About Nina is a particular highlight.
    (Although I haven't seen her in the more prolific action blockbusters Gemini Man and Birds of Prey, but I feel like I should now? Even though I really don't want to go down that road)
    Here she performs fearless comedy stand-up and first-rate celebrity impressions. Even the supporting actors were a pleasant surprise.

    I've only been to…

  • Hope Gap

    Hope Gap


    I found out after watching Hope Gap that the write/director based this on his own life experience, when his own parents separated after 33 years of marriage.
    That would explain this movie's dialogue and situation playing out so realistically, when on the surface, it merely sounds like a dozen other movies.
    Of course, it's further elevated by Bill Nighy and Annette Bening, the latter of which I thought was an odd choice for a very British film, but it works.…