Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

Bautista's Scott Ward organizes a ragtag gang of misfits to enter the lion's den for a big payoff. It's a suicide mission, but it's worth millions.
Everyone's getting a different cut though, which is down to Ward to hand it out, which makes me think that might not go down too well when they all see how much everyone is getting.
But then I realize that most of the group ain't gonna make it back anyway.

I'm not into Zombie flicks (I think they're silly - even though I did get through 7 seasons of The Walking Dead) but I managed to enjoy this regardless. I found it to be a loud mindless predictable ride for the most part.

Now if I were a critic and fancied having a rant for a movie such as this, I might have questioned the container wall they managed to erect all around Las Vegas in such a short space of time and amid all the chaos.
Or how a guy would agree to risk his life in zombie territory for a lousy $20Gs (the guy's an abusive asshole, but is his IQ score in the mid double digits?)
And if everybody has a clear shot of taking down a zombie tiger, why not take it down there and then? I presume no one likes the idea of being ambushed by a zombie tiger later on.
Also, the group is joined by the casino owner's henchman and only one person suspects him of screwing them over.
But I guess our group left their smarts at the door - much like the movie's audience.

There's so much more to whine about, but I'm not that guy, and this is not a movie that cares about common sense. It's a popcorn movie after all.

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