Love Hard

Love Hard ★★★½

What does it say about me that I absolutely loved this movie?
That I have a thing for romcoms? That I like Christmas? Or do I just like the actors?
It might have to be all three for this one. A 3-in-1 home run.

​Main lead ​Nina Dobrev is someone I feel I've seen here and there, but was not overly familiar with. In Love Hard she's delightful as the perky, good humored single lady looking for Mr Right.
But casting Jimmy O. Yang as the unassuming love interest was perfect, and I loved his chemistry with Nina.

Everyone's just so damn nice here. Even the classically handsome guy playing the 'presumably obvious' love interest was shown to be a good and decent bloke, when usually, these characters are presented as two-dimensional douchebags.

Just what I needed for a feel-good movie. Even if it did get me tearing up a bit at the end.

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