Possessor ★★½

It's hard to watch Brandon Cronenberg's work and not make comparisons to the work of his father. Especially when he's playing in the same field as his dad.
But Brandon has infused Possessor with excessive graphic violence, which I didn't think was justified.
Of course, Brandon would be quick to disagree, because for all I know this brutal stylish streak is his emerging brand; 'the new Cronenberg'.

As it stands, it's a cold movie that left me feeling cold, which seems to have been the film's intention somehow.
Even though our main assassin (in the skin of another) harboured tender emotions towards her child during the mission, there was still a detached emptiness to the whole thing.
But I'm still up for watching Brandon's first feature and whatever he comes up with next. Maybe he'll surprise us with a warm family oriented movie one day.

Also worth a mention is good old Sean Bean, who tends to pick roles where his character is often killed off (a whopping 23 times to date).
And although he is spared the Grim Reaper in Possessor, the brutal attempted murder his character suffers here makes his beheading in Game of Thrones seem like a most welcome fate.

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