Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Guy Ritchie goes dark and broody with Wrath of Man (despite it being a French remake). There's no comic relief or humorous banter here. No funky beats or feel-good action. It feels like a cross between Den of Thieves and Dragged Across Concrete, which is pretty much my happy place.
What's more, cops don't even get in the way of things. They're merely background noise that barely get a mention.

The film also ended up being a personal thirst watch for a good Jason Statham vehicle. I missed seeing him in something decent again. Lately, he's just become a stereotypical fixture in stuff like Fast & Furious and other flicks that beg for a better script.
Thanks to Ritchie for making Jason great again. I loved every second of this. And I'm stoked to see that he's teaming up with Ritchie for his next film - Operation Fortune. (And what a cracking cast that is!)
- -
The actual plot is thin, and every player feels like a tired old cliché, down to the gang of ex-soldiers gone bad to having the inevitable loose canon in their team - even keeping him on after a major fuck-up.
But I have to confess I practically cried when Statham's son was killed. That shit was tough. Such a good kid too. (Yes, I know it's just make-believe.)
- -
I put this on in the afternoon when I found myself alone, and within 5mins, I just knew I was in for a splendid time.
Then my wife came home shortly after and she was in a bit of a talky mood, telling me stuff and asking about little things, which had me pausing every few seconds to communicate back, until I couldn't take it anymore and just said, "Kochana.. (which is Polish for something like honey) I'm watching a movie that I'm really excited about, so.. I can't really talk right now.."
Fortunately, she realised how serious this was and ended up joining me on the couch with a snack. Though I did have to explain the plot and who was who. And she was enjoying it too; until she had to leave again 40mins later. Her loss.

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