Night of Something Strange ★★★★★

Following the arrival of a strange corpse, a deadly STD is transmitted through a small rural community turning the afflicted into the living dead and trapping a group of friends at a secluded motel forcing them to crazed and intense means to stop the relentless beings.

This was quite the fun and disgusting effort. What really makes this one quite appealing is the utterly revolting subject matter that it dwells in without really offering any excuses for that. The fact that so much of the film is reliant on spewing forth any and every form of bodily fluid from just about every orifice possible, and frankly not just spewing forth this material but dwells on offering as many excuses as possible to issue it in here, ranging from rather innocuous inserts seemingly placed there just to feature the chosen expulsion of fluids but also going for absolutely disgusting imagery to it's absolute pinnacle. Reveling in such extreme images as openly exploring feminine hygiene products, toilet and scatological functions, urinating on corpses and people, engaging in scenes of masturbation and going far beyond rational sense simply for the sensational imagery, the general concept of this one is to provide as many possible sequences to let them come off as normal. Given that the majority of the film is played for laughs, it makes the material potentially less offensive than it could've had going straight as the type of scenarios present here to allow for that kind of crazy themes and ideas even with the continual usage here. With all the gross-out moments and full-on comedy featured here, there’s plenty to like with this one with its fine action and horror-based encounters here which are still funny alongside the basic attempt to offer up some scares. The action here is quite a bit removed from the realistic realm from all the crazy expunges of bodily fluids ushered throughout here, and the constant action throughout here makes for quite a fun time as this one goes for a much more engaging time. The early action encounters in the forest showing how the disease is spread through the community is quite enjoyable and gets this off into the proper mind frame quite quickly, and how easily it goes from victim-to-victim provides this with plenty of stellar attacks throughout here with plenty of graphic and brutal killings that oftentimes tips the sleaze factor quite heavily. The later scenes at the motel are just as good, going from the absurd way it transfers the curse through the friends and how they finally end up battling with the creatures as the inability to stop them with conventional means allows for plenty of strong action and tons of bloodletting that gets carried out here as it goes for the flat-out funny finale that really ends this on a positive note. In addition, that provides this one with some fantastic zombie make-up and gore effects which is what really matters in this one. For the most part, it’s really just a personal tolerance for all the wackiness displayed, which might not be for all audiences.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Extreme Graphic Language, Full Male and Female Nudity, strong sex scenes, full exposure of bodily functions and drug use.

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