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  • Rashomon



    The truth is in the details, somewhere. Kurosawa directs this thing like syrup sliding down a stack of flapjacks, the man is smooth when it comes to framing. All his frames are so emotive, so expressive, that you could watch this without subtitles or on mute and feel everything that is happening. His blocking is as expressive as Toshirō Mifune's facial expressions. You can really feel an early auteur at work here.

  • Zero Days

    Zero Days


    Technology operates like history, everything can be traced back to a root source, and if you don’t know enough about it, you are doomed to the consequences of your own ignorance. Though this doc is maybe twenty minutes longer than it should be, it’s a frightening portrait of how the struggle for power and the secrets that arise from operations within that conflict, creates a cycle of incapability in our leaders to take any responsibility for their actions, which leads to a lack of growth and the same mistakes being made to the detriment of the peace that people want.

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  • The Fool

    The Fool


    Man this movie is heavy. If art is supposed to be a reflection of life, then life in modern Russia is so so awfully hopeless, and it's not helping itself improve at all. This movie, more heavy-handed and depressing than Leviathan, is another biting film against the Russia government, and the corruption found in its bureaucracy. I'm sure if you told the director of this film that good things happen to good people or the fact that karma exists, I'm…

  • Roll Bounce

    Roll Bounce


    I want to love something as much as this movie loves ass and disco.