The Fool

The Fool ★★★★½

Man this movie is heavy. If art is supposed to be a reflection of life, then life in modern Russia is so so awfully hopeless, and it's not helping itself improve at all. This movie, more heavy-handed and depressing than Leviathan, is another biting film against the Russia government, and the corruption found in its bureaucracy. I'm sure if you told the director of this film that good things happen to good people or the fact that karma exists, I'm sure he would probably laugh in your face. The film takes place over the course of one night, as Dmitry tries to warn everyone about how a run-down residential building is going to collapse within twenty-four hours. It's a really well made film with a bunch of long takes and tracking shots that are impressive and look great. The acting is really good as well, but sometimes can be over the top. Overall though, this film is really really good. I love films that take place over the course of one night or a day, and this one is great in that regard, but it also asks a really really important question is how to be good in a corrupt world? By letting the corruption run it's normal way of life through everyone, or try to change it by doing good? And if you thought that it was the latter, you're in for it.

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