Victor/Victoria ★★★★★

If I had seen this in my youth, its gleeful sabotage of the norms of gender and sexuality probably would have deeply thrilled and disturbed me, and for that reason, I wish I had. Alas, I was awash in very gender-normative action-adventure fare that didn't alarm my fairly conservative parents. Occasionally there was a glimmer of something; Stargate had a little genderfuck going on, and even a relatively naïve youngster like myself didn't miss the homosocial elements of everything from Star Trek to The Lord of the Rings. Still, I should like to have been blown the hell away by Victor Victoria, but I'm sure my parents would have had heart attacks and died on the spot.

As it is, its subversions of gender were exhilarating and mischievous and quite a lot of fun. Julie Andrews and Robert Preston were basically throwing sparks out of the screen. I could probably find something to pick at, but why bother? Joy is not always in great supply, and this film is bursting with it.

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