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  • Howl from Beyond the Fog

    Howl from Beyond the Fog


    Was lucky to catch an early screening of this period fantasy film at G-Fest. Directer Daisuke Sato was at the festival for some panels and to premiere a shortened version of this film. This version only runs 15 minutes or so compared to the final version of 45 minutes. But this has all the main story components including the wonderful monster Nebula and the destruction it causes. The marionette characters and village are very nice. Really like the creature the most (designed by Keiko Murase!). Looking forward to the final version which should be available soon.

  • The Great Buddha Arrival

    The Great Buddha Arrival


    A loose remake of a lost 1934 Japanese film in which an online investigator pursues the legend / folklore of the original movie only to have the walking Buddha materialize before his eyes. Very meta and very spiritual. Not your typical kaiju film but definitely one full of meaning and purpose. Peggy Neal (Terror Beneath the Sea, X from Outer Space) has a special guest appearance and attended our screening. Rather emotional to experience. Hopefully more people will get to see this special film.

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  • The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

    The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires


    I get the charm and novelty of this Hammer/Shaw mash-up but I wouldn’t classify this as a better representation from either studio. However, together they’ve found a unique balance. In essence 1+1=3 in this case. The fighting scenes aren’t great and the Hammer elements only serve to drive the plot. Neither executed very well but combined it becomes an entertaining watch. Fun to see Peter Cushing so active in fighting the vampires. Plenty of replay value.

  • Jodorowsky's Dune

    Jodorowsky's Dune


    My new favorite film of Fantastic Fest. Essential viewing not just for Jodo fans but anyone who loves art, music and/or film. If you create, you must see this this.