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  • The Humanity Bureau

    The Humanity Bureau


    When I arrived in Tokyo (after a long overnight flight from Vietnam via Hong Kong) the weather was the pits. Freezing rain, basically. Couldn't get into my hotel until 3pm and walking around was just gross. Plus I was on zero sleep in 24 hours. So I popped into Cinem@rt Shinjuku (3 Chome−13−3), which used to be the Kadokawa Cinema, bc they had an interesting line-up incl. DEAD APPLE, AKUJO (The Villainess), and HUMAN HUNTER (aka this movie). Super intrigued…

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    Went to see this while in Sài Gòn (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) bc the timing was good during my last night there. Premium cinema w/reserved seating was $4.61 USD for the ticket. Was super curious how the audience would react to what I expected to be a very American comedy. They *really* dug it. A couple of the jokes fell flat but overall all the physical and relationship humor went over well. My audience was laughing at all the right moments. Props to the quality writing and acting to make it work. Very cool experience.

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  • The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

    The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires


    I get the charm and novelty of this Hammer/Shaw mash-up but I wouldn’t classify this as a better representation from either studio. However, together they’ve found a unique balance. In essence 1+1=3 in this case. The fighting scenes aren’t great and the Hammer elements only serve to drive the plot. Neither executed very well but combined it becomes an entertaining watch. Fun to see Peter Cushing so active in fighting the vampires. Plenty of replay value.

  • Jodorowsky's Dune

    Jodorowsky's Dune


    My new favorite film of Fantastic Fest. Essential viewing not just for Jodo fans but anyone who loves art, music and/or film. If you create, you must see this this.