Hereditary ★★½

Scathingly unpopular opinion time! Haven't had one of these in a while.

I watched the first half of Hereditary a few months ago, but it was so edgy and I just was not in the mood. Upon rewatch, it's still fucking edgy. Someone with serious issues made this movie. It can never have a single moment of levity. There's a party scene at one point and over the rave music is the same bland fucking Inception sound-wrapped horror score. It's obnoxious and I cannot stand it.

This is a debut, so it makes sense for it to be littered horror clichés like bland music and generic scares like a little girl walking across a hallway, but it doesn't make it any good. It does have unusually fantastic editing, which elevates the rest of this painfully mediocre film and gives it the illusion of unique style, but really it's just a bunch of boring, grey visuals and generic music blended very well. I think the editor behind this film is very talented, but the director not so much, and people are falling for it. I certainly don't blame them, but c'mon, this is not a perfect movie.

The first act is suuuper boring. It's just uninteresting characters I can't remember the names of minutes after watching talk about past, more interesting family drama we never get to see. This ends up coming back around and biting them in the ass, haunting them in the second half. The director certainly knows how to build up tension, as the majority of the movie is purely atmosphere-building. This is definitely a slow burn type of film - when it's spooky, it really unnerves you due to all this buildup, but that unfortunately just doesn't come enough, and ends up being a very bland, unengaging affair. The ending is pretty good and there's good reason why it's been so acclaimed, but the rest of the film just doesn't hit the highs the reviews claim it does.