Certain Women ★★★★★

This movie is gradually becoming one of my favorite movies to watch and Kelly Reichardt is rapidly becoming my favorite director.

In a sea of great performances (last year in general and in this movie particularly), Lily Gladstone deserved an Oscar nomination for her performance in this film. Kristen Stewart might be my favorite actress in the business right now, but Gladstone steals the show.

Having said that... I think the Michelle Williams segment is my favorite! She is so fucking good! And James Le Gros and Rene Auberjonois play against her perfectly.

I love this movie. It doesn’t come together in any big way, and I love that. The cuts between segments are elegant yet jarring. Each segment stands on its own, but they all haunt each other. It feels like a collection of short stories, set in a world that is populated with real, complex, engaging characters. Good, human filmmaking.

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