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  • The Hug

    The Hug

    It’s shit but it’s still better than all FNAF media rolled into one.

    I work with middleschoolers I still hear about FNAF theories every day please release me from this hell.

  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


    This is like a non-shitty version of Ready Player One

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  • Cuties


    the trailer for this autoplayed on Netflix and when it ended I was suddenly a mod in all Discord servers I'm part of

  • Onward



    looks like dreamworks tbh

    edit: holy shit it's not dreamworks quality, this may be their best post-Ratatouille film

    double edit: the police representation in this definitely is some writer's unresolved step-daddy issues and that takes me out of it, but the father-son themes are still so fucking strong regardless