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  • Tenebre



    It's a tough one to call but I think this might actually be Argento's best film and my own personal favourite of his oeuvre. A sensational blending of style and substance; a narrative that effortlessly juggles an intriguing Giallo plotline with so many opposing elements that stem from and reflect back in to the film's internal logic. Goblin's score lives and breathes and is perfectly used by the Argento; whose composition of every element in the film is pitch perfect.…

  • Inferno



    Every viewing of Inferno is a pleasure! There aren't many films that make perfect sense in their own right and no sense whatsoever simultaneously. Argento's story is carried not through logic but by feeling and sound. A curious girl looks for a key; drops her keys, then finds a key in a secret flooded room under a basement. A letter is carried from New York to Rome by notes of classic music. Time forsakes logic, spanning different periods in different…

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  • The Bloodstained Shadow

    The Bloodstained Shadow


    The Bloodstained Shadow is an obvious nod to Argento, but if you are going to borrow ideas, it's always a good idea to.borrow from the best! The film takes place somewhere near Venice and we begin with a young girl being strangled in a field. Cut to some time later and we focus on a young professor who has come to visit his brother...and shortly after, a new murder spree begins! The film is a real slow burn and the…

  • The Case of the Bloody Iris

    The Case of the Bloody Iris


    Very solid Giallo featuring the Sergio Martino A-team of Edwige Fenech and George Hilton. This one is much more lightweight than Martino's best efforts; taking in many tropes of the genre and wrapping it around a solid murder mystery plot with a bug dollop of sleaze. The film starts with a murder in an elevator and it soon becomes clear that there is a killer on the loose in a big apartment block as more bodies begin piling up. Edwige…

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  • Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

    Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


    So much more than just an absurdly long title! Sergio Martino's Giallo come Edgar Allan Poe tribute is stylishly shot, intricately plotted and for me one of the best thrillers ever made. Most of the action takes place in a decadent mansion and we focus on a dysfunctional husband and wife. There are murders taking place in the locale, and their sexy niece is coming to stay. All the fascination comes from the central character dynamic. Edwige Fenech, Anita Strindberg…

  • The Perfection

    The Perfection

    This film is completely all over the place and not in good way. It gets off to a decent start, takes a sharp turn towards the end of the first third and then promptly proceeds to go down all the least interesting paths that it can find. The overall narrative makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and this is complimented by a boatload of completely unbelievable character actions. The film does succeed at creating a situation where it is difficult to…