Constantine ★★★

Constantine is a rather odd mix of religious themed noir, Exorcist styled demonic horror and goofy comic book style action. There are many interesting ideas here and memorable moments; but it all pulls together as an infuriatingly disjointed mess. Keanu Reeves' titular character is an exorcist with a gift/curse that allows him to see a hidden world beyond our own. He teams up with a policewoman to investigate the suicide of her twin sister, and stumbles on a cosmic battle for the fate of the world. So much possibility with a plot like this! But sadly, that is where the film falls down. It's quite slowly paced and seems set on sticking keenly to the basic surface elements without ever digging deeper into the implications of the story, which is a shame. It treads a line between dark and daft, when it would have been better off picking one or the other. The lead role provides just the right sort of acting level for Reeves, and he's good in it. The support cast is peppered with plenty of interesting faces who all have fun with their roles. Visually the film is very interesting and it makes good use of the plot for some inventive scenes. It's reasonably entertaining for the runtime but it left me feeling empty at the end

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