Crimebusters ★★½

I have to say I'm not surprised that this film has vanished into almost complete obscurity; Violent Cops is no classic of the Eurocrime genre! Shame though, because all the ingredients are here but it's constantly stumped by a dull plot and even worse pacing, meaning the film is a mixture of tedium, brief interest and loads of car chases. Henry Silva and Antonio Sabato take the lead roles and honestly don't have a lot of chemistry on screen together. To be fair, Massacre in Dinosaur Valley director Michele Massimo Tarantini knows how to put an action sequence together and there's plenty here; including cars smashing through windows, rolling down hills etc and they are entertaining in their own right but it's difficult to care without anything interesting to string it together. I did enjoy the soundtrack which is pretty funky but I would recommend giving this film a pass!