Inferno ★★★★★

I watched this (yet) again mainly to get the bad taste of the Suspiria remake out of my head. Like its predecessor, Inferno is a visual masterpiece; but more than that, it is an auteur's film. I couldn't make a film like this; neither could you; and neither could Luca Guagadino. Suspiria and Inferno are works of art. This film ramps up the rhetoric of the first film and for sure it has attracted criticism for the narrative but I think Argento is the kind of artist that you either get or you don't. Inferno is an experience more than it is a film. I've seen this so many times that now I can just let it wash over me and each time it is a new and fascinating experience. The fact is that in fifty years time, people that aren't even born yet will be discovering Argento and marvelling over his filmography. You can't remake that. This is art. And Inferno is one of Argento's pinnacle works.

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