Killer Crocodile II ★★★½

Sequel to Killer Crocodile. Well...i guess the producers couldn't really think of way to progress the story meaningfully, so we basically just get the same film over again! But hey, I love my giant radioactive fake crocodiles so that's fine with me. The plot once again sees a giant crocodile terrorising the waters of a lake somewhere. There's a female journalist on the case and hardened crocodile killer Richard Anthony Crenna once again returns to the frey. The plot is much more freewheeling this time. There's no moral debate either, but someone is trying to clear up the area to make way for a hotel or something. The attack scenes are of course the highlight; the best one sees the monster attack a bunch of guys in a shack. This scene is augmented by a Jaws style creeping dread soundtrack, except here the crocodile has literally just smashed through a wall and is eating people. It is masterfully stupid! But done in such a charming way. For me, the eighties and early nineties were a golden age of stupid cinema. Daft films now are like overlong memes infested with CGI. How boring! Killer Crocodile 2 is never boring for a second. It's cheesy and silly but not boring and how could anyone ask for anything more? If you saw the first one and liked it you need to see part 2 aswell.

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