No Way Out

No Way Out ★★★½

Released shortly before All About Eve, Joseph L. Mankiewicz's No Way Out is a drama focusing around the theme of racism in the USA. Luther Brooks is a black doctor given the task of treating two brothers that have been shot during a robbery. When one of the brothers dies, the surviving one blames Dr Brooks for the death. The film is bolstered by a pair of powerhouse performances from Sidney Poitier, making his debut, and the always excellent Richard Widmark, who absolutely excels with his portrayal of the vile white supremacist at the centre of the story. The film makes its points without being overly preachy. The film focuses on the characters and situation which ultimately makes the message much more hard hitting. No Way Out is rather slow, however, and rather predictable. There's few shocks contained within the narrative and I was able to guess how it would all turn out! Still, it's a worthwhile story that still holds up well today.

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