Piercing ★★★½

Piercing goes out of its way to be shocking to the point where it's almost childish. The film is a blatantly obvious tribute to Giallo cinema; classic Giallo music plays throughout most of the film (and I have to say that I enjoyed all of them more in their original context). It does just about manage to maintain a style all of its own, however, and the film is totally enjoyable in a guilty pleasure sort of a way. The two leads are great (Mia Wasikowska can do no wrong) and the interplay between the two is definitely the defining element of the film. There's some interesting use of CGI and the gory effects are suitably nail biting. The 80 minute runtime is pretty much perfect and ensures that Piercing does not outstay it's welcome. The main theme to Tenebrae is a masterpiece and a piece of music that I always enjoy listening to, even if this film didn't do anything like enough to justify using it on its own closing credits. I'd hardly call Piercing a must see but I did enjoy it, despite many flaws.