Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool ★★★★

Sedate and unconventional thriller from François Ozon following a frustrated British crime writer on vacation in the picturesque south of France. She gets more than she bargained for when her publisher's nymphomaniac daughter shows up to shatter the tranquility. The film introduces the main character and then settles into itself very quickly. Much of the plot, which bends reality and fiction, is left entirely up to the audiences' interpretation, which allows the film to draw it's thrills directly from the characters rather than the narrative. The drama purely revolves around the dilemma that the protagonist finds herself in, which helps the film build to a really clever twist. Swimming Pool is absolutely beautiful, the main location is very well used and the two key performances from Charlotte Ramping and Ludivine Sagnier (who spends most the film topless) are both great. It's maybe not entirely successful - the central conceit is ambitious to say the least - but Swimming Pool stands up as an extremely interesting spin on the mystery thriller genre.

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