The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment ★★★½

Here we have a mix of Office Space and Battle Royale, from the director of Rogue (a very good killer croc flick). There's a limit to how good these "death game" can be, but I'd say this one is better than it had any right to be. The film starts by setting up the characters, and its our usual run of cliches - we've got the loved up couple, the stern boss, Michael Rooker, some stoner guys, some middle aged women, the office perv etc. It seems like a normal day at the office until a voice comes through over the intercom informing everyone that they are going to die!

Theres no real plot as such, but the characters come together well and it has to be said that the film is always at least interesting. I really enjoyed the musical choices (foreign versions of I Will Survive and California Dreaming) and the director uses some great visual flourishes that compliment on the carnage well. It really doesnt hang around and things escalate quickly., with various characters being off in increasingly brutal ways. On the whole I would aay if the premise of this film sounds interesting to you, you will probably enjoy this and certainly its worth a watch; but Rogue remains Gregg McCleans best film.

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