The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★½

I went into this hoping that Jim Jarmusch would do for zombies what he did for vampires in Only Lovers Left Alive....but well, not so much. I think this is really a case of a director trying too hard. It riffs on Romero, trying to fuse a deadpan comedy style with some social commentary but it doesn't come off too well. The pitch is a sort of zombie hang out movie, focusing on smalltown USA as it comes under attack from zombies following the Earth tilting on its axis or something. The film benefits from a good ensemble cast featuring plenty of familiar faces - including Tilda Swinton who is supposed to be Scottish. Ok then. Many of the jokes just don't come off - bordering on cringey if anything. Especially the fourth wall breaking stuff from Adam Driver. It works better as a zombie movie than a comedy - the zombie effects are quite good, and they gush black smoke for some reason when attacked, which looks cool. They never feel like much of a threat though because of the film's nonchalant attitude towards them. If you're looking for a zombie comedy - Shaun of the Dead and One Cut of the Dead are the way to go!

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