The Train

The Train ★★★★½

The fight against tyranny, distilled down into a train packed full of great art that must not be allowed to be stolen from France! The Train is a great film. Mixing clever trickery with steel crunching action, all overlaid with a story that is bigger than any of the characters featured in the film. The plot is so simple but so well portrayed. The efforts of the French resistance to frustrate the Nazi efforts of carrying off a successful heist are smartly done and amusing. There's plenty of action - trains smashed together, trucks blown up and more. The film really ratchets up the tension at every given opportunity - mostly just by focusing keenly on simple actions (sabotaging an engine, rigging a fuse etc). The narrative twists and turns - moving from smart non-compliance to pure desperation by the end. The ending is poignant and has a lot to say. It gave me goosebumps and I completely understand why the protagonist did everything that he did. It was never about the paintings themselves!

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