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  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    accelerated rooftop bioenergetix & hifibrayshun

    . . . . . . . .

    > 4sec inthru nose
    dosed as a sigil of respite through the navigation of meatgrinder food’n bev service continuums aside static fetal captains; (if you wish to unfuck anything) wake up another day and labor emotionally until it is labor no more 
     > 8sec outthru mouth

    . . . .

  • Urban Legends: Final Cut

    Urban Legends: Final Cut


    love every minute of this glossed up scooby doo type shit, complete w soap opera twin angle. mise en scene cinema verite mise en scene godard truffaut lmao ~damn where are my keys.. ah yes.. the fake dog entrails~ what do they mean when they say "post-scream" and why is it a bad thing? everyone's-a-suspect slashers w playful orchestral scores, even when obvious, mite be refreshing in 2kXX tbhonest. prob the only movie where dude gets shot on a rollie chair and goes flying into an alien spaceship. feel like riding this and slappin on scream 3

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  • Disturbing Behavior

    Disturbing Behavior

    asylum escape to Flagpole Sitta top 1 moment in cinema

  • Cyber Ninja

    Cyber Ninja


    [ technodemonic soul transfer 101 & advanced rapid decomp ]
    plains fog on the edge of jungles, parking industrial caverns sketch in blue green orange purp sparked collage __ roving walls and treehouse mechs with wooden ladders