Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★

I don't have much to say about Escape from New York, nor do I have a great defense as to why I didn't enjoy it. Representing one of John Carpenter's early attempts at action, Escape from New York is a beautifully shot, well scored, well paced and relatively short film that shows Carpenter tackling a dystopian future. Kurt Russell leads the way with a great performance as Snake Plissken, oozing charisma throughout the entire film, but its simple and effective concept seems wasted on first impression. With a great cast that consists of the power of Donald Pleasance and Lee van Cleef, Escape from New York is certainly one worth another attempt somewhere down the road. As of now, it has left my desire to see other Carpenter action movies in a slight state of bother.

I hate to be one to try and create excuses for not enjoying a movie on a first viewing, but I did watch this thing on my TV and my sound settings were not very good. I have since rectified the issue of sound on my TV and found much greater enjoyment in watching films on TV. Escape from New York will probably benefit after a second viewing.

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