Hook ★★★½

Ranked as Steven Spielberg's worst film on the Tomato Meter, Hook is a highly controversial film that receives as much hate as it often receives love. Featuring more absurdity in this one film alone, than any other Steven Spielberg film I've ever seen, Hook is at times an awfully dull film with little plot progression and a disappointing Robin Williams portrayal of the iconic Peter Pan and sometimes a wickedly entertaining and hilarious thrill ride featuring the endlessly perfect Dustin Hoffman, whose ability to capture the required charm yet sinister characteristics of Captain Hook so effortlessly and delightfully has made his portrayal the ultimate portrayal of a pirate.

Hook may very well be an awful film, or an unappreciated film by critics or even a delightfully absurd film that is meant to be what it is, but either way Hook offers extraordinary entertainment and humor at times and provides yet another overlooked and a hypnotizing score by John Williams.

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