Iron Man ★★★★

I forgot a lot about this movie. I do remember my favourite part was Tony’s trial and error montage. I was also 17 when this came out. Wild. 

I’m kind of over this whole character arc of asshole who sees the error in his ways and becomes a better version of himself. RDJ is fun to watch as Tony. Iron Man also is one of the only MCU movies that doesn’t the typical superhero movie story arc. 

Pepper Potts is ultimately what humanizes Tony from being just another asshole genius billionaire. I just don’t find Tony Stark that thrilling of a character in this movie however. I’ve seen this type of character too many times and I’m utterly exhausted by them. However Tony’s character evolution is some of the best in the MCU. If we have to start here, it will have to do. 

How Tony went from this to being a mentor and a good mentor at that to a young Peter Parker is outstanding and one of the best things the MCU has given us. 

It is a good movie. And it is fun. But dare I say, it’s not my favourite.

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