Ritual ★★★★

I guess I'll begin this review by saying that I wasn't really engaged in the story or characters during the first half of the movie, but at least there was beautiful cinematography and great music so I was still enjoying it.

Then, when the second half hit, everything came together and I realized what the point of this movie is. This is a film about loneliness, depression, neglect, running from the past, and so much more. But it's also a film about hope. Hope that one day your life will change for the better. Hope that you'll find someone who notices the pain you're in. And hope that you'll find true happiness.

I don't think I've ever been truly depressed, but I at least know the feeling of being stuck in a constant state of unhappiness due to following the same cycle every day. Every day is the same and it'll always seem like it'll never end. We all wake up, go to school or work, sleep, and repeat the same cycle the next day. But some days are different. Some days, something special could happen like meeting someone new or experiencing something different than usual. These things are what make life, well....LIFE. There will always be good days and bad days, good people and bad people, and basically the moral of this review is that no matter how bad the bad times get, always know that there could be happiness waiting on the other side and your whole life could change one day. That's what I got out of the movie (and also that you should never run away from your past), and there’s honestly so much in here to unpack.

Anyway, now to talk about the actual movie. The cinematography and music are great like I said. The acting is also very good. The only thing I would've preferred was a bit more of a backstory for the main character, the Director (not the director of the movie. The guy in the movie gets called "The Director".) Also fun fact, the guy who plays the director is Shunji Iwai, a director in real life, although I have yet to see any of his films. And speaking of directors, I wish Hideaki Anno made more live action films like this. The only one I have left to watch is Shin Godzilla. Also, I'm still unsure of whether I like this more or Love & Pop more. I'll probably rewatch both of them one day way in the future though. Anyway, I recommend this movie.

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