Candyman ★★★

Candyman <3 In small towns and surely beneath the trees of the forest we encounter the unknown, but here? Here in the city the dangers are all knowable, well lit, there are no blank spots on this part of the map. "False..." says Candyman. I adore the moment when fantasy and horror creep into everyday urban settings.

A great looking odd lil flick that eventually doubles as a bit of cathartic wish fulfillment. I will say that the line that this one toes between stark reality and fantasy can make for an uneven experience (the original, although way better, at times suffers from the same deal). Its a film that is critical of the act of making art and entertainment out of injustice while simultaneously making art and entertainment out of injustice. This makes it feel rather half baked and messy but for me its an undeniably interesting lil tangle of stuff. Sorting intention from misstep can be difficult to parse out here. I think the movie is simply not prepared to aim as high as it does, but again I find that that makes it intriguing, at least up to a certain point. It almost feels par for the course. The issues at the heart of it are not solved and they wont be solved in the 90 minutes it takes to watch it. Easy answers remain elusive. The real life horrors persist after we leave the theater.

Also the cgi is silly and some of the kills are rather uninspired (although that one in the art ladies apartment is badass and loved them credits). The soundtrack rips like a Candyman ost should. Candyman 4ever

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