Constantine ★★★½

I watched this with my oldest and dearest friend after a day of post vaccination drinking in the sunshine, so I was very sleepy. By the end I did not know the "how" or "why" of this movie BUT I was overjoyed to let the hordes of cgi angels and demons and wonderful colors wash over me. I think thats the way to do it with this one, be sleepy...Hell, maybe even watch it on mute although you I love hearing Keanu trying to sound tough (it really does look pretty great for 2005...dig that close up on that demons brain in hell). THERE IS NO WHY! As Mr. Constantine says: "God doesnt make plans." Also TILDA<3

Really I just wish we were still occupying that strange time period where for some reason bigger, more obvious comic properties were passed up in favor of obscure, edgy Vertigo type shit...lets get back there please. Back when Blade, The Crow and The Mask ran free on theater screens, before the money people awoke and remembered they could make a shit ton off the Avengers.

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