The Air-Conditioned Eden

The Air-Conditioned Eden ★★★½

A British perspective on Americas perspective toward "exotic" island culture in the 1950s AKA THE RISE AND FALL OF THE TIKI EXOTICA BACKYARD MOOD MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA!! (masksbehindmasksbehindmasks)(whereisthereal?)

Ive always been fascinated by this strange cultural phenomena especially when it comes to the music of Les Baxter and Martin Denny. Its laughable as a rather offensive cultural misstep, yes, but there is more...the alternative realities that these parties, albums and novels create is an endlessly fascinating one for me. Nostalgia for a place that never existed! A cartoonish fairy land of paradise, pagan pleasure, and pain!

Guess its time to research the hell out of that guy who lives in his own failed Tiki amusement park that is slowly falling apart...nightmares/dreams are made of this.

Watched this by the pool while on vacation in Florida. My partners rich grandpa just put in his own homemade tiki lounge off to the right of me. Time for another dip. Starting to burn...youch

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