The Honeymoon Killers

The Honeymoon Killers ★★★★

This rains on the remains of the summer of love and deserves to be mentioned alongside the works of Waters, Romero and other such revolutionary bummers. The obsessive Martha is like a Divine character brought into the cold light of reality. In many ways this could be one of the first chapters of the modern True Crime approach, giving off that iconic feel of both romanticizing and damning these loveable devils.

I live for transcendent moments where the camera is allowed to keep rolling and what we see truly starts to feel like reality and that happens here. The long take climactic scene is not some kind of Altman or PTA acrobatic feast, it is simply the feeling that we are allowed a brief yet unblinking vision of a violent act, displaying all its sad rather lonely spectacle. No multi million dollar budget needed here, just a camera capturing some actors attempting to stretch themselves, to embody a cruel, obsessive passion that could be lying dormant inside us all.
Best taken alongside: Multiple Maniacs, Shadows, In Cold Blood...

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