Drive ★★★

I don't like pretentious films. However, I do like this movie.

Drive is a unique experience. It's like watching an 80's art film. The songs are very retro and at times it reminds me of a Tangerine Dream soundtrack. The pink script logo also has an extreme 80's feel.

The one thing I don't like about this film is Ryan Gosling. He just doesn't pull off the "mostly silent hero with no name" character. I read that Hugh Jackman was originally set to play the hero. I believe Hugh could have succeeded in this role. Chances lost :(

Also read that Gosling refused to read half of his scripted lines. He thought the staring silence was more effective. Ryan, this is why you are not a director or a writer. Next time do what you are told! Shame on Nicolas Winding Refn for letting the inmates run the asylum.

Perlman, Brooks and Cranston are the Holy trinity in this film. Evey time any of these guys are on screen you can't help but be mesmerized.

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