Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★

I love Kurt Russell as an action star, and definitely when he's teamed up with John Carpenter. If you look at John Carpenter's resume most of his highs are when he's working with Russell. Luckily, Carpenter realized the ride was over after three bombs in a row; Escape from L.A, Vampires, and Ghosts of Mars.

Now, I understand this movie is full of holes and dated technology even at 1997 standards, but it's a charming piece of early '80's action.

I love thinking about icon match-ups. That's probably why I love Freddy vs. Jason so much. How cool would it have been to team-up Snake Plissken with Mad Max? Somehow Snake makes it to the Outback and ends up in Thunderdome with Aunty Entity and Max. I would watch that right now. Hell, the Duke's right hand man looks like a grown up version of the feral kid from The Road Warrior. We're 50% there.

Anyone else think Lee Van Cleef looks like a pirate with that earring? I don't remember that being a trend for high ranking military personnel in '97.

What about Donald Pleasence as the ass-kicking President? I'm not sure why he needed to let Snake hang there while he shot up the Duke, but he is the President.