Survival of the Dead ★★½

I am a huge fan of Romero's original zombie trilogy. It's been a couple of years since I've watched any of them and I might wait till I get the taste of Survival out of my mouth. It's like watching the original "Star Wars" trilogy after watching Episode I. All that nostalgia goes out the window and you start to see the flaws in the movies you loved, because you realized the guys makes shit movies.

I am not saying that Night, Dawn or Day are shit movies, but after seeing something not very good by the same guy, you begin to see patterns that aren't too flattening. My memories will remain in tack if I just cleanse my palette before going back to the classics.

Basically, "Survival" is not a very good zombie movie. It's filled with unforgettable characters and direction that will make you laugh. You can barely get away with something or someone appearing out of nowhere (in an open area) to surprise a character once, Romero does it like three times. ugh. The zombie make-up looks like my mom did it on Halloween night getting ready for Tricks and Treats. In this day and age I would expect better looking zombies. Don't start with budgetary reasoning either, face paint applied correctly doesn't cost anything but a little know-how.

I know I'm watching these out of order, but I still might go back and watch "Diary of the Dead" (which was referenced early in "Survival"). Yes, I enjoy pain.